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Get the scoop on our 12th Annual Women HerStory Month Event HERE

Very many thanks to our amazing sponsors:
Forward to a Friend

on Saturday, March 25

  Catch her on stage on
Saturday, March 25 at#ListenToWomenForAChange as she delivers an inspiring message on “Heeding Your Call.”
Learn more about Racquel at   www.racquelbrowngaston.com
Interviewing Lady Flame at last year’s Women’s event
As you know, this month is a very BIG one for me and not just because I am a woman.  It’s a major month for me because for the last 12 years I have been celebrating amazing women in the DMV area and beyond by way of my Annual Women’s HerStory Month event and this year is no different.  I am inviting you to come and spend a beautiful evening with me and many other wonderful women (and a few good men) on Saturday, March 25.  This year is extra special for me as I will also be launching my nonprofit, The Give Black Foundation, Inc. at the event will and sharing with you some of the plans we have for this year and beyond.  I look forward to seeing you around town and definitely at Sweet Home Jamaica on March 25.
Click HERE to see the photos from last year’s event and maybe you will be more inspired to come out this year!
Please also use this month to honor those women in your life who mean a lot to you.
Happy Women’s History Month to you and yours.
#ListenToWomenForAChange Promo Video
#ListenToWomenForAChange Promo Video
Rosie Peppy Parke
Creative Director

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First of all, welcome to a new year.  Welcome to a new season.  Welcome to a new YOU!  It has been way too long since we connected and while I would love to cram everything I did not share with you for the last many months in this email, I will instead hope that the break did you as much good as it did me.  I have been saying to my friends that 2016 was a really rough year for me, and I am glad that we are in a new year. What I also know is that the changing of a date or a year will not necessarily change what is happening in our lives, unless we make the changes necessary. Let us start truly living in the words of our awesome President (he is still MY president), Barack Obama, Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.
While we are on the subject of change, I am proud to say that I changed my mind and decided that my 2017 would start on February 1.  Yes, I decided that I needed an extra month to catch up because 2016 left me spent!  I am now up and popping and even did my Vision Board later than I wanted to, but I did it anyway. I am still struggling to let go of very bad habits I am still carrying around from 2016, and it is not easy, but prayer and perseverance helps.   I pray that you (and I) will do whatever it takes to break free from the bad habits and make the changes we need to form new and healthier ones as we go through this year.
As you know, I have been giving bLack for many years now, and many of you have been my support system as I traveled to and from Ghana and other parts doing the little I could to make the lives of youth happier.  Last Summer, I decided to get the skills (on paper) and successfully completed an Executive Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Georgetown University and then formalized The Give Black Foundation, Inc. (formerly I give bLack) in November. I am happy to report that we are now a legitimate 501(c)3 nonprofit with offices in Maryland and we intend to be more purposeful about giving back to Blacks across the world.  We need your help!
Please show your support to this organization by making a donation TODAY as we are trying to raise $10,000 in start up funds by June 30, 2017.  We will have our Official Launch at my Annual Women’s HerStory Month event to be held on Saturday, March 25 and you are also invited to attend, because as usual, it will be an evening to celebrate WOMEN.

spyda the dj

gone but never will be forgotten

Peace & Love,

Rosie Peppy Parke
Creative Director

So much has happened since we last connected at the end of March!  The first of which is that we did launch Season 4 of PEP Talk at #EveryWomanCan. We are waiting on the editors to get back to us with some finished material so we can share but we did interviews with Lady Flame, Reshada Pullen-Jireh and Tony of Sweet Home Jamaica.

The event itself was awesome and well attended with everyone visibly enjoy themselves.  Shout outs again to our performerStrykers Posse Reggae Band, J Pope, Tasha T and Lady Flame.  The highlight of the evening was that the painting done by Reshada (see article to the left) which was auctioned and now 2 of the 10 children I am fundraising for this year will have their annual school education taken care of. Many thanks again to our awesome sponsors, supporters and attendees.  Click HERE to see the event photos and do remember that this annual event is held on the last Saturday in March, so start planning for next year’s event.

From April 22-25, I had the great opportunity to visit Atlanta and was hosted by Bomani Tyehimba of Africa for the Africans & Friends.  It was an amazing weekend and included us doing a LIVE PEP Talk Shoot regarding this year’s mission trip to Ghana! I also got to explore the City and have some fun as well.  I had such a joyous time visiting Ras Marvin who is the President of the Atlanta Division 421 of the UNIA-ACL and realized that his division needs help in terms of getting a better office space. Please look out for a Go Fund Me Campaign on that, and also click HERE to learn more about the Collective Black People’s Movement which Ras Marvin also manages.

As we are into May, the month in which MOTHERS are celebrated, I want to remind  still cannot forget March, the month in which WOMEN were celebrated.  It was in that month that I got the opportunity to express heartfelt THANKS to everyone who was a part of #EveryWomanCan2016.  The event was awesome, and I’m not the only one who is saying that. I really appreciate all my sponsors (DSV Group, LLCSave WatarDenise DixonBertha CrossSatay IsraelAlex FlemmingsShaka WatsonCody CurryRead Across Jamaica, Umoja Kuumba, Balando DulstonBrenda Liddell, and Black Child Development Institute-DC Metro) who did not hesitate to be a part of the event.

To the performers Jasmine PopeTasha Tee and Lady Flame, you ladies killed it and I was enjoying the performances so much that I did not even want to stop to take photos or videos. People are still talking about you so please understand that YOU were the real stars on Saturdays and I am blessed to know you so I can share you with others.

The event was the first FUNdraiser for my Annual Mission Trip to Ghana, West Africa, and I want to express very many thanks to artist Reshada Pullen-Jireh for creating such a beautiful painting which was bidded on and won by Ron Munia, who also has sponsored children from Akoma International Academy (AIA) before.  See how the world turns?  The proceeds raised from the sale of the painting will go towards sponsoring 2 children who attend AIA for the 2016-2017 school term.  To RSVP for the Annual Birthday FUNdraiser and/or donate towards a child’s annual education, click HERE.

Please check out the photos from Shaka HERE, stay connected to each other and email me under separate cover so we can continue to work together.

#EveryWomanCan 2016 Promo Trailer




Welcome to the Holidays.  We are excited to report that we returned from Ghana, West Africa at the end of November and have since had an Appreciation Party on December 5 for all our donors and supporters. Very many thanks to all who attended the party and celebrated the beginning of the Holidays with us.  It was an awesome party!   The trip to Ghana this year was my best yet, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that I really feel like I belong there (now), plus the group I traveled with has the most incredible energy and it was a joy to be on tour with such lovely people.  The real icing on the cake for me was the actual volunteer work that I did while there (this time) and interacting with the many children from 4 schools, and various individuals I met while I was there.  From the donations I received at my Birthday Fundraiser, we visited the Trinity Home Academy and gave $200US to the school.  We visited BenuVillage and gave $200US to the school.  We visited our host school, Akoma International Academy and gave $3600 in sponsorships for a total of 13 children, spent a considerable time with the students and faculty and also donated $250 for the revamping of a new website.  While we were in Ghana, we launched #EveryGirlCan Ghana and trained 3 interns who can now also facilitate the program even when we are not physically there in Ghana.  Ten young ladies who attend Akoma International Academy were the first on the continent of Africa to go through the curriculum and our goal is to have at least 100 young ladies trained by 2017.  Click HERE to see the EGC album and stay tuned for more from our trip to Ghana.


The children sponsored were:  Kingsford Donkoh, Joyce Gyekye, Grace Essibir, Abigail Sagoe, Enoch Gyekye, Nicholas Waters, Tina Thompson, Harriett Inkoom, Monica Koomsom, Francesca Arthur, Christina Nyan, and Simon Cobbinah.  

Very many thanks to our donors: Idriys Abdullah, Diane Alston, Nadia Anderson, Yasmin Anderson-Smith, Charlene Atkinson, Bobby Ball, Shirley Barnwell, Senghor Baye, Camille Benedict,  Jandel Banjamin, Racquel Brown-Gaston, Bryan Bernard, Paulette Brizan, Dionne Brown, Oneal Brown, Cynthia Bruce, Lewis Buchanan, Julette Bucknor, Byron Byfield,  Tony Carr, Julia Cayette-Lawson, Ron Clarke, Eric Cobbs, Kenneth Coates, Ichelle Cole, Zama Cook, Bertha Cross, Carlos Daley, Robert Darko, Niya Davis, Rudy Davis, Yvonne Dean-Hibbert, Dennis Earle,  Heather Edwards, Ivel Felder, Dr. Judy Fisher, Darlene Flowers, Nakia Gaston, Newton Gaynor, Mr. Gordon, Beverley Gregory, Hardwick, Herman Hall, Shaunta Hew, Trevor Hibbert, Kathy English Holt, Jerk Pit, Damon Johnson, Danny Jordan, Rodney Jordan, Finiana Joseph, Stephen King, Lorna Kirlew, Dr. Kofi Kissi-Dompere, Vivian Ledbetter, Quanico Lewis, Charles Lincoln, Paula Long, Ihkeem Ma’at, Cheryl Magnus, Michael Malcolm, Dennis Maxwell, Pansy Maxwell, Paul McLaughlin, Carol McLean, Johnathan Medlock, Ron Munia, Dr. Claire Nelson, Marvett Nelson, Robin and Cecilyn Parke, Rosie Parke, Melrose Parks, Pamela Oguagha, Noel “Ziggy” Phipps, George Powell, Tanya Powell, Nadine Prince, Marjorie “Lady Flame” Reid,  Mark Reid, Sam and Denise Richards, Derrick Rose, Suzette Salmon, Dr. Trevor Salmon, Loughton Sargeant, Madeleine Sewaii, Ethlyn Simpson, Khani Smith, Melissa Smith, Rita Smith-Stewart, Delta St-Vil, Moye Stephenson, Diane Stewart Hamlin, Dione Symes, Clarice Taylor, Delroy and Andrea Walker, Marcia Walker, Trevor Watson, Dr. Joseph Webb,  Artherelle West, Richard White,  Justina Wilkins, and Liselle Yorke.