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The Annual Women’s History Month event ‘Wonderful Women YouNite 150 150 peppyent

The Annual Women’s History Month event ‘Wonderful Women YouNite

held on March 31, 2012


Click on the image below to see the photos from ‘Wonderful WOmen YouNite.’


An Evening of Music, Fashion and Pep 150 150 peppyent

An Evening of Music, Fashion and Pep

Friday, December 9, 2011

We would like to express sincere thanks to everyone who decided to spend Friday, December 9, 2011 with us as we celebrated positive women who epitomize high grade love, talents, and beauty (Cen’C Love, Sequoia, Peppy, and all the models who graced the stage). We hope you left the event feeling truly blessed and enjoyed the quality program we produced. A few of you did not attend but purchased a ticket or two, or few, and we are very grateful for your kind support. Many of you who could not attend supported us by spreading the word to your network, and we are most appreciative of that. Please click on the link below to see the photo album.



  • Very special thanks to our featured performer who provided MUSIC: Cen’C Love and Sequoia of Ites International who provided FASHION.
  • The event was hosted by Yaa Gyasi Peppy Parke who provided the PEP.
  • Many many thanks to all our models:Stefanie Belnavis, Abijah Livingston, Marvett Nelson, Ethlyn Cowan-Grant, Finiana Joseph, Ann-Marie Davy, Andrea Davy, Senghor Baye El, Dr. Claire Nelson, and Antoinette Fisher.
  • Thanks to my logistics team: Khani Smith, Jr., Carole Brown and Empress Tonya Martin. Major thanks to RAS Restaurant and Lounge and the folks from the Carryout Productions.
  • To all of you the attendees who came out and have a powerful evening with us.

Click HERE to see photos from the event.


i Give bLack 150 150 peppyent

i Give bLack



Please visit us at our sister site at to see how you can help us to help others.  For very many years, we have been donating proceeds from our events to various charities.  We also encourage you to let us know how YOU give bLack so we can all work together.  Very many thanks to everyone who donated to the Birthday Fundraiser which was held on Saturday, September 17, 2016.  Based on the donations received, we will be sponsoring 5 children who attend Akoma International Academy: Francesca Arthur Nicholas Waters,  Grace Essibir (pictured above), Christina Nyan and Harriett  Inkoom.  In addition, we will also be giving a monetary donation to the Trinity Home Orphanage.

Please click HERE to see the Photo Album of the Birthday Fundraiser courtesy of Shaka Watson.



Shiffaun Alston, Ange & Vilard Anglade, Shantel Ashmead, Shirley Barnwell, Camille Benedict, Bryan Bernard, Walter “Papa Wabe” Berry, Alwyn Booth, Elicia & Donovan Brathwaite, Leona Brown, Racquel Brown-Gaston, Clarice & George Taylor, Tony Carr, Frank & Cassandra Watt, Neil Cruickshank, Carlos “Carlito” Daley, Paul Daley, Angele Doyne, Ivel M’Sa Felder, Darlene Flowers & Friend, Mr. Gordon, Heather Mayrose Gordon, Owen, Candace Harvey, Ann Marie Henry, Tony & Sophia Henry, Rodney Jordan, Finiana Joseph, Lorna Kirlew, Shanton & Byron Kittler, Jennifer Leach, The Four Men, Dennis & Pansy Maxwell, Eric McFarlane, The Beautiful Lady in Pink, Paul McLaughlin, Carol McLean, Deborah Miller, Ron Munia, Pamela Oguagha & Taylor, Robin & Cecilyn Parke, Melrose Parks, Runa Peoples, Irvin Perry, Marhorie “Lady Flame” Reid, Benito Robinson, Pedro Robinson, Nicket & Antonio Robinson, Doug Rodgers, Akino Rose, Derrick Rose, William “Bull” Rose,  Debbhie Russell, Natasha Ryan, Trevor & Sonia Salmon, Magdeleine Sewaii, Shaunte James & Marcel,  Khani Smith, Gregory & Melissa Smith, Delta St.-Vil, Deborah Smith, Chris & Beverley Toussaint, Bomani Tyehimba, Delroy & Andrea Walker, Trevor Watson, Shaka Watson, Carlos Wilcox, Paul Williams, Fiona Wright, Rasta Yute, Ikey Galloway, Trina Wynn, and Rosie Peppy Parke.

Very many thanks to our food sponsors:  The Jerk Pit, Sweet Home Jamaica, Carlos Catering, and Irie Cafe.