Yaa is in Ghana Supporting Ghananian Children

Yaa is in Ghana Supporting Ghananian Children

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Yaa playing the drums in Ghana on 10/25/12

10/27/12 at 2:48am Ghana time: We just came in from doing ‘nightlife’ and I am still high; not on any narcotics and to be honest, the 1 STAR that I had did not even give me a buzz.  I am quite high on LIFE!  I am very high on the experiences I am having in Ghana, and I am high because I like the fact that I am committed to my cause and believe in the saying that “whatever we consistently desire, imagine and pursue can be ours.”  Coming back to Ghana has filled me with so many joys that if I were to leave this Earth tomorrow, I would leave very happy.  There is so much joy in giving back to others.  There is so much joy in seeing people who deserve it, receive it.  There is so much joy in experiencing Black love.  There is indeed joy is looking in the mirror and the faces of those around and know that you are making a positive difference.
More to come as I have to go to sleep now and wake up in about 3 hours for morning exercise and then go to another region in Ghana.

Stick with us and think about ways in which YOU can do things in live that are bigger than you.

10:12:12…In approximately 2 weeks, I will be driving to the airport to board one of my flights to Ghana!  The next 2 weeks will be very hectic and exciting for me because I really cannot wait to land in Ghana.  I cannot thank you enough for your support so far (donations are at $1396.50), and I want to keep you updated on where your monies will go.

As I mentioned before, I will be donating to 3 schools.  What I did not mention (to all of you) is that I have also been working with Richard Willis of Sankofa International for over a year now and we support each other’s ventures.  Richard has been giving back to Africa’s needy since 1993 so I am very happy to be working with him to help a young lady he has been working with.  Please see the story below about Benedicta who will get $200 from the proceeds raised. This will help her to complete her education at Kwame Nkrumah University.

Each of the 3 schools I mentioned will get a monetary donation, and in some cases, we will use that money to assist the schools with purchasing the items they need IN GHANA.   Ayensudo Akoma International Academy is located in the Elmina region and a school I hope to “adopt.”  They will get the 100 packed book bags with school supplies; Trinity Foundation School located in the Tutu Mountains, and Youth Institute of Science and Technology located in the Ashanti region will also get school supplies.
Of course we are still accepting donations because there really is a LOT of work to be done, so feel free to share with other and donate if you can.

To see the information from AFTA regarding donating to the schools in Ghana, click HERE.
Peace & gratitude,
Yaa Gyasi Peppy Parke

Benedicta Minlah, a Sankofa scholarship recipient (www.sankofaintl.org), graduated from Accra Polytechnic in 2011 with a certificate in accounting. After successful completion, it takes approximately 1 year to graduate and receive certification. While waiting, Benedicta successfully completed her mandatory government service. With this program, the government pays the worker monthly (something small) for services.Benedicta wants to continue her education by attending Kwame Nkrumah University to get a degree in accounting (2 year program). To help achieve this goal, Benedicta saved all of her earnings from government service (approximately $750). This is enough to cover her school fees for one year. However, for the first year, she still needs money for books, housing, food, etc.  For year 1, Peppy Entertainment & Promotions will donate $200 received from this fundraising effort to assist Sankofa in covering cover these expenses.Benedicta was born into poverty and it is only by God’s grace that she has made it this far. Visit the Sankofa site to see Benedicta’s story.

On Saturday, September 22, I decided to host a birthday FUNdraiser in honor of my upcoming trip to Ghana, West Africa.

I had traveled to Ghana for the first time in my life in July 2011 and it was while I was there on the second day that I knew my life had changed for the better.  After a few days in Ghana in 2011, and especially after visiting the Trinity Orphanage, I realized that I HAD to make it my mission to give back on each trip there.

The rest is MY story which I am happy to share with YOU.  I believe in the power of giving back to those who are less fortunate and I KNOW that if we all pool together, we WILL make a difference.

I would love to say many, many thanks to all who have made a donation to this project and special thanks to all who attended the event on Saturday, September 22:

The Jerk Pit, Weekness for Sweetness, Mark “Buddha” Reid, Richard Willis, Melrose Parks, Captoria Kyle, Robin Parke, Cecilyn Parke, Paul & Yzeh, Ange Anglade, Judy Christie, Kwame Ankomah, Lennard Jack, Jr., Loughton Sargeant, Bobby Ball, Rodney Jordan, Ivel Felder, Ziggy Phipps, Beverly Gregory, Nicole Reid, Chad Alonzo ‘Bashment’ Lewis, Akilah Karima, Kellie Broussard, Donnita Bennett, Donna Burriss, Justina Wilkins, Joelle Cohen Wright, Ron Clarke, Senghor Baye, Chuck Banks, Darlene Flowers, Doris Washington, Rodge Bailey, Cheikh Diop, Cheryl Jones, Mercedes Hughes, Paula Myers, Jennifer McIntosh, Alva Jackson, Stacey Ennis, Douglas Rodgers, Kerline Graham, O. Smith, Fanta David, Heinrod David, Usama Kamron, Carlos Daley, Rodney Jordan, Luceele Smith & Kit, Novelette Jackson, Amelie Dixon, Donovan Marks, Leslie Goodard, Ty Squirewell, Dera Tompkins, Lewis Buchanan, Khani Smith, Ali Favors, Christina, Earl Walker, Leon Staton, Cheryl Magnus, Marvett Nelson, Kim Bey Ayubu, Delta St.-Vil, Wanda Marshall, Finiana Joseph, Ace Lewis, Fiona & Nicole Wright, Bomani Tyehimba, Orlando Copeland, Carl & Aneeta Malcolm, Ethlyn Simpson, Marco Bennett, Dalani Aamon, Racquel Brown-Gaston, Dr. Claire Nelson, Robinette Livingston, Dr. Carol Jagdeo, Mae Best and Minnie Allen.

Please note that we leave for Ghana on October 24, 2012 and return to the USA on November 6, 2012.

You can still donate if you are interested in helping the children (and the 3 schools) we will be visiting

Visit www.pepvirgofundraiser.eventbrite.com or donate right on this site.

Please email me at peppypromotions@gmail.com if you have questions.

Please visit www.africafortheafricans.org for more information on the tour to Ghana and giving to the school.


Yaa Gyasi Peppy Parke

Click HERE to see the photo album from the Birthday FUNdraiser.

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