Peppy you are a beautiful young woman. This beauty starts inside of your heart and illuminates your outer being. Caring, kind, and bright…that’s you. And you are the kind of confident person I would like my daughter to be associated with. Your work with women and young women is appreciated. ~ Wanda Marshall

Peppy, Cen’C and I watched it together and were ready for more! Love it. Thanks. ~ Millie David, ATL

Hi Rosie, It was indeed a pleasure working with you on Sunday. I admired how you took control of the production delay and glued things together. I also was reminded of how talented you are on and off camera. Keep up the good work, and thank you for choosing me with your trusted project. I foresee many great things ahead. ~ Alex Flemmings, Jr. MD

Peppy, I watched the interview with Cen’C. LOVED IT!!! Such a nice, comfortable flow. Give thanks for your relentless and quality work for the people. Respect every time. ~ Dera Tompkins, DC

Peppy, you are magical on camera. It is obvious that you are not using any notes, but you ask just the right questions. Keep on keeping on, I admire your work. ~ Winston Jones, Jamaica

I enjoy your series, Pep, because I always learn so much! Thanks so much for producing this show and I wish you well. ~ musiclove5760 (Youtube subscriber)

We checked the first two “PEPisodes” and were really impressed with the high quality. Rosie’s stage ready and stage worthy ~ James Coleman, www.onstage-dc.com

Large up to Rosie Peppy Parke for her PepTalk TV Show on www.youtube.com/user/mspeppy. I just finished watching all 7 “pepisodes” with a smile on my face. Her show highlights the greatness in everyday people. Very inspiring. Peptalk to the world!!! ~ Heru Ofori-Atta, FL

Peppy, you are an amazing host and have an uncanny way of bringing out the best in those you interview. You are doing a great job and should keep following your dream. You rock! ~ William Foster, ATL

Peppy, Cen’C and I watched it together and were ready for more! Love it. Thanks. ~ Millie David, ATL